Halloween Mix 2012

Though it seems like something that I should have left in the dust about the same time as “teenagerdom” and cassette tapes, I have to admit that I still enjoy creating a mix every now and then. A few years ago, I revived my love for mixes (on cds and usb drives instead of cassettes) when I found a set of like-minded enthusiasts at an Internet-based swapping site. Alas, that same site eventually outlawed the listing of music swaps and my embarrassingly adolescent hobby was quashed yet again.

Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole when someone whom I follow on Twitter retweets something that I might not find out about otherwise. A few weeks ago, just such a tweet lead me to find Justine’s Halloween. More specifically, her Halloween Mix post. (make sure to check her playlist … its fabulous!). And so, I briefly resurrected my mad-mixing-skillzzz and put together a mix for her. These are the tunes that I chose 🙂

Wendyvee’s HALLOWEEN MIX 2012

Intruder – Peter Gabriel
Though this song was released in 1980, I wasn’t introduced to it until years later when my freshman roommate got me hooked on older Gabriel stuff. I love the creepy percussion and that set-your-teeth-on-edge guitar string scraping. Creepy Gabriel Goodness!
Primus does a passable cover of Intruder but you just can’t beat the original.

Janie’s Tomb * – The Superfine Dandelion

When I was little, my dad was cool about letting me play his records as long as I treated them well. One of my favorites in his collection was a slightly weird self-titled album The Superfine Dandelion (a Phoenix-based psychedelic group from the 60s). I suppose that it was a bit odd for an elementary school girl to like a creepy 15-or-so-year-old song about murdering one’s lover; but I dug this tune with a passion.
*On a funny sidenote, the modern re-release of this album calls this track Janie’s Place instead of Janie’s Tomb … because that makes creepy crimes of passion so much classier?

The Witch Queen of New Orleans – Redbone

Though released in 1971, this song was completely new to me just a month ago. I didn’t recall ever hearing of Native American/Mexican American band Redbone; but I liked the song and thought it was a good choice to include in the “unconventional Halloween songs” portion of my mix. Oddly enough, Justine mentioned that she too had just become familiar with the song a few days or so before she received my mix. Check out the band’s Wikipedia entry to read their history and find out about their Jimmy Hendrix connection.

It wasn’t until writing this post that I realised I actually did previously know at least one of Redbone’s songs! I just found out that they sang Come and Get Your Love. I remember it from one of my older sister’s K-Tel Hits albums. In fact, I remember playing that record so often that I can tell you what songs were before and after it!

I Walked With A Zombie – R.E.M.
Roky Anderson wrote and recorded I Walked With A Zombie (inspired by the 1943 movie of the same name) in 1981 — since then, a number of bands have covered it. My favorite is R.E.M’s wonky version.

Behind The Mask – Anarchy Club

One of the most-played tunes on my iPod from two-man band Anarchy Club. If the first 20 seconds of this song don’t make you whip out your air guitar … nothing will.

Voodoo Woman – Susan Tedeschi

I may have been stretching things a little bit to include this tune in a Halloween Mix; but “Voodoo” is Halloween-erish, right 🙂 ? I simply ADORE Susan Tedeschi’s blend of blues and soul. If I could possess her voice and guitar-playing skills for just one night; I would be the happiest chick in the world.

Koko Taylor’s version is wonderful … but Susan does her proud and then some with this cover.


The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

This song has been a favorite of mine since the mid-80s (although I have to chuckle at how earnestly I took the lyrics back then). I’ve always given Echo & The Bunnymen huge props on their band name … even though they reportedly thought it was “stupid” (as did my dad when I hung when of their posters on my wall)

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave affects me in the exact same way that Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits do … I can never tell if I’m really into them or if they get on my last damn nerve.


The Ghastly Stomp – The Ghastly Ones
Monster-Surf … ’nuff said!

Children of the Corn Theme

What would a Halloween mix be without the inclusion of a horror movie theme song?


Between landing on a Wednesday and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy … Halloween sure took a hit this year. Here’s hoping for better things in 2013!


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