“The Tick” Tree

ticktree1When I was a cubicle farm inhabitant, I had a battalion of “The Tick” figures scattered around my desk. Later I moved to my very own big girl office and the figures quietly retired to a shoebox in my basement (appropriately labeled “Boca Raton”).*

I thought I’d bring them out this Christmas and make a fantabulous tree. I saw a tutorial a few weeks ago that involved making Christmas trees from wire hangers, fairy lights, and garland. In the end, I happened to see this little white tree at a church sale for $1 and opted to keep my Inner Girl Scout crafting persona firmly locked in her cell where she belongs.

The Tick is kind of my male alter ego … you know, 7 feet tall, 400 lbs, wearing an electric blue bodysuit and possessing powers that increase as situations become more dramatic. Never mind that I’m female, 5′ 1″, and wouldn’t wear a bodysuit even if the room was pitch black and I was the LAST PERSON on Earth following the Mayan Apocalypse.

This Tick “in a car” is my favorite figure (even if I will tell you that another one is my favorite later in this very post).


This is what went down when I showed the completed tree to “Mr” Roadside.

me: “So what do you think?”

Mr: “Ummmmmm …”

me: “It didn’t turn out quite as cool as I thought it would.”

Mr. “Well, it looks exactly the way that I thought would.”

I choose to interpret “exactly” in a positive light.

smash tick

 American Maid lives in the same universe as The Tick. Though she doesn’t have superpowers, she fights crime by throwing her stilettos and tiara. Work it, girl.


Tourist Tick … he “Hangs Ten For Justice!”


This Tick is a squirt gun. He is my favorite, regardless of what you may have read previously.


“El Seed” is my least favorite of the Tick Universe’s super villains; but as he is my sole representative, he gets a spot too.


The pièce de résistance … at the top of the tree we have “Chrome Tick”. To be clear, Chrome Tick isn’t a “real” thing. He is the by-product of a broken figure that I had lame-brained plans for involving my motorcycle. Let’s not talk about it.

Arthur – The Tick’s moth-costumed sidekick – would make a much better treetopper but, alas, I do not have one 😦


The Tick proclaims his temporary support for Dinosaur Neil.


And last, but not least, it’s just plain Tick



* I very often label boxes with what I think passes for witty titles. “Mr” Roadside is forever sighing when he sees a box in the garage with Sharpie-drawn markings like, “nuclear hogwash”, “electric eel kibble”, and “Aunt Bertha’s little box of magical curses”. In truth, I often find it frustrating after the fact too … but it makes me smile when I initially scrawl something ridiculous … even when I fail to remember why I thought is was so funny months down the road.

“Man, those Santas were rubbing me the wrong way!”


8 thoughts on ““The Tick” Tree

  1. Yes, and it’s also fun when you go to thaw meat from the freezer and it’s labeled “Moose nuts”. Very helpful.
    – Mr Roadside

  2. What you are missing is garland! I suggest something in 8mm or Super 8 if you can find it. That’s the link between all celluloid heroes.

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